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The Signature Sponsor of Art Bra Austin, Texas Oncology, is thankful to have to introduced the 2017 Art Bra Models! This feisty group of women are all clients of BCRC, and survivors and thrivers of breast cancer. They participate in the show as testaments to the support and guidance BCRC strives to provide for all women living across Central Texas.

Art Bra Models range in age, size, ethnicity, income-level, and stage of disease – reflecting the diversity of the thousands of women BCRC serves annually. For most models, Art Bra Austin is a transformative experience – a night to stand up to cancer, celebrate their strength, and reclaim the personal power and self-confidence that is often lost when battling breast cancer.

We could not be prouder, or more grateful, to share their stories and inspirations of the 2017 Art Bra Models!

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Amanda Lee Castro

11mo survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Hope, faith, and family are the anchors to my soul.”

As an eight-month survivor, Amanda is delicately and purposely negotiating the fine line to survival. She has two young kids (ages 12 and 3) and a wonderful supportive husband, who she calls her “stronghold and my continued supporter.” Amanda is all about embracing the best of any situation. She describes her personality as vivacious and fun and owes the person she is today to her own determination and perseverance. Amanda has chosen to participate this year as an expression of her appreciation for the informed and positive support from the folks at BCRC in Austin.

BCRC has…“been very supportive and introduced me to so many brave women during this difficult time.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to continue to help and bless others dealing with surviving a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Amanda’s Fundraising Page


Annette Robinson

11yr survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Seek joy every day and just keep dancing”

Annette was diagnosed a few weeks before 50th birthday and was the first person in her family to be diagnosed. Eleven years later, she is proud to be a part of helping others facing a diagnosis of breast cancer receive care, support, and encouragement from BCRC.

BCRC has…“helped me sort out all of the decisions, and pros and cons of what laid before me. My patient navigators listened, explained, and helped me to be empowered, informed, and a little calmer. The BCRC inspired me to be an advocate for my health, and to be a cheerleader for the services the BCRC provide to others.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Last year was such a beautiful and inspirational experience. It is an honor to share this with fellow survivors and thrivers, and being able to support the BCRC. To the glorious women who share this story, you inspire me every day to seek joy in every moment and beauty in every sunrise.”

Annette’s Fundraising Page


Audrey Krupa

11mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Through all of this experience, the resounding takeaway I’m left with is PERSPECTIVE and PRESENCE. I strive to live my life with these two critical themes at the forefront.”

Born and raised in South Texas, and a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Audrey is a Texas girl through and through. She and her husband recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary with her husband, and are the proud parents of three daughters. Audrey works full time as an HR Generalist for a software company and prides herself on juggling the life of a working mom

BCRC has…“truly has been there for me every step of the way – from countless phone conversations to providing resources & recommendations. Through the BCRC I have been able to face this awful disease with an army of support behind me.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I’ve seen the benefits of the BCRC first hand, I am personally invested in doing my part to make Art Bra a fundraising success. If this event can provide more newly diagnosed women the love and support that I’ve experienced, then this is an absolute worth-while cause in our community.”

Audrey’s Fundraising Page


Britt Garner

3yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Live, love, laugh” though her family motto is “Be kind to friends and little creatures.”

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Britt tells us that laying cancer on top of all those relationships deepened them all. Britt credits her darling dad as the inspiration for her courage. Her father’s passing from gall bladder cancer just five days prior to Art Bra Austin 2016 helped cement her resolve to emulate the courage he displayed while in treatment and walk the runway for the both of them.

BCRC has…“introduced me to amazing women, I’ve found my voice – I’ve found my philanthropic mission, and I’ve learned so much. There will be dozens and dozens of women diagnosed this year with breast cancer, of all ages, prognoses, situations, and treatment plans. BCRC has a place for all of them to find the answers they need, the support they crave, and the group that truly is the only one that gets some of the things they will face.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Modeling last year was such an amazing experience. I loved the opportunity to meet even more amazing women and I felt like a warrior and a hero on the runway.”

Britt’s Fundraising Page


Christina Ratliff

3yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Don’t worry about the past or fret about the future or even sweat the small stuff. Live in the moment today. Each day is a new memory to carry with you so make the most of it and enjoy!”

Christina has lived in Round Rock for the past eighteen years with her wonderful husband, who is also an 18-year cancer survivor. Together they have three fur babies and a parrot that she’s taught to sing. Christina enjoys karaoke and focuses on living each day to the fullest!

BCRC has…“has provided much needed support not only during treatment but after I was finished. I encountered multiple health issues after treatment was complete and [my navigator] Runi was so gracious to check in on me from time to time and even obtain some support group info and contacts for an unrelated issue during another difficult time.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to ensure the success of BCRC. To be able to participate and fundraise gives me satisfaction knowing that other women affected by cancer will get the amazing support, resources and encouragement that I did when I was going through treatment.”


Christine Mason

1.5yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Carpe diem. Before my diagnosis, I was sometimes afraid to try new things and now I try to live every moment to the fullest.”

Originally from Nederland, TX, Christine has been living in Austin for 15 years. She have 2 dogs, a rat terrier mix and a yorkie, who were both by her side during every moment of her recovery. Christine works in management for the federal government in management. She loves to knit, crochet, sew, cook, and hang out with her family.

BCRC has…“connected me with wonderful, strong, and inspirational women that remind me that I am one of them too!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because… ““I was a volunteer at last year’s Art Bra Austin and had the opportunity to talk to several models who were all very encouraging and supportive. I have benefited greatly from their services and am happy to be able to give back.”

Christine’s Fundraising Page


Claire Spera

3.5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“The show must go on!”

Claire is a native Californian who moved to Austin in 2010. She is an educated woman of many trades, including flamenco dance instructor, and an arts and culture contributor for the Austin American-Statesman, Arts Culture Texas, and other publications. Claire is currently loving her latest job as the Director of Communications and Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Christine Fisher’s private Practice, where she gets to talk up the BCRC to new patients every day!

BCRC has…“provided me with support groups, help dealing with insurance, and has allowed me to make a whole new group of friends my age who know exactly what it’s like to be a young breast cancer survivor.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Art Bra Austin is such a theatrical event, and as a professional dancer, I love the stage, and I enjoy this alternative way of expressing myself and educating the Austin community on the resources the BCRC provides to women diagnosed with breast cancer, no matter what their age.”

Claire’s Fundraising Page

Courtney Duesing

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life is not about weathering the storm, but learning to dance in the rain.”

Courtney is a full-time mom to two beautiful girls and has been married to her amazing husband, Matt, for nearly 9 years. She enjoys exercising, anything outdoors and traveling. Courtney experience with cancer has taught her to live larger, love deeper and never take one day for granted.

BCRC has…“helped prepare and navigate me through surgeries and treatment. The level of emotional support I have gotten through my involvement in the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls has also been amazing. What an incredible community to share highs, lows, ask for and provide support.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because… “I am always looking for opportunities to give back to BCRC! I also had such an incredible time last year! I wanted to do it once more time in hopes I could experience it with some of my survivor sisters that weren’t able to participate last year because they were in treatment.”

Courtney’s Fundraising Page

Darla Breazeale

3yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“LIVE – LAUGH – LOVE. Live life to fullest following Christ – Laugh all the time – especially at yourself – and Love – love life itself and giving back to all.”

Darla grew up in South Texas and has lived in Austin for 30 years. As a single professional who loves life, Darla describes herself as a great cheerleader and loves to pour life into the lives of children. Darla’s heart is in serving others and she truly enjoys going into the community and helping others. As an active member of her church, Darla serves as an outreach leader, PreK Kids Team lead, and is involved in women’s ministry.

BCRC has…“helped me to know that I am not alone. My first interaction was with [navigator] Dianna Petrick. She was so understanding and compassionate. Then the Newly Diagnosed Class made me LOVE BCRC even more. This class was full of emotions from tears, anger, sadness, joy, peace, gratitude, gratefulness, etc. The lifelong friendships made here are truly a gift.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I love giving back to BCRC and I have an amazing artist [Randee Ketzel] to work with.”

Darla’s Fundraising Page


Debi Martin

5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“’Breathe in, breathe out, move on.’- the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett”

Debi is a 50 plus years resident of Austin who is appreciative of the synergy provided by the BCRC and recognizes the amazing strength and resilience of other survivors.” At the moment, she has commenced the process of retiring from the family business, celebrating her ten plus year’s relationship with an amazing man, and looking forward to embracing life as a first time grandmother in August 2017.

BCRC has…“been so important to me. In my first telephone call with my patient navigator, Dianna was extremely helpful in helping me calm down and begin to think rationally about the decisions I had to make.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I hate to think about how hard it would have been to get through treatment and beyond without knowing there was always someone there I could turn to that understood what I was going through both emotionally and physically. I know the only way this service can be provided to those in need is by generous donations by those in the community.”

Debi’s Fundraising Page


Deloris Elease Fields

Lifer, Veteran Art Bra Model
Jeremiah 29:11 — “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Deloris has a beautiful one-year-old son, and is living life with the grace of God. She describes herself as not just a survivor, but an overcomer!

BCRC has…“given me a group of women I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“through fundraising for BCRC, more women will receive help and support. My inspiration is my one-year-old son, who was just the size of a lime when I hit the runway at Art Bra in 2015. To my son — thank you for loving me and choosing me as your mommy; I owe my all to you.”


Diane Sanso

25yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Find a way to laugh every day. Surround yourself with positive people and at least one person better than you. Love God, love life and love yourself, no matter what!”

Diana was diagnosed at age 34, just 3 months shy of her 35th birthday. When she asked her gynecologist if she should get a mammogram, he told her that she should wait another year. So she did, and a year later her mammogram revealed two tumors that were then biopsied and confirmed as cancer. After her mastectomy, Diana’s surgeon told her that due to the aggressiveness of her cancer, if she’d waited any longer to have that mammogram, she wouldn’t be alive today.

BCRC has…“been exactly what we all needed. I was part of the very first support group BCRC did, sponsored by St. David’s Medical Center. That was where I met my friends Ann and Sherry, and we saw what a resource this group was. From the beginning, I’ve watched this organization grow and mature, and have tried to assist along the way.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I’d been thinking about modeling since Art Bra Austin started. Since 2017 makes me a 25-year survivor, I was really encouraged by my friends and my foundation members to ‘get up there. Every dollar is one more dollar available to help someone in need. Helping and giving — that’s what BCRC is about.”

Diane’s Fundraising Page


Evelyn Asbury

2yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“From Hamilton: An American Musical — ‘I am not throwing away my shot.'”

Evelyn grew up in Pilar, New Mexico, a small village south of Taos, and has now lived in Texas for 22 years. Her job as a Sr. Human Resource Manager for a large baking company has allowed her to travel all over the world; but she loves Austin’s diversity, quirkiness, and sense of community, Evelyn will be turning 48 years old in July and will celebrate 20 years of marriage with her husband, Jason, in June. Evelyn is also blessed with a bright, artistic, beautiful 16-year-old daughter. She credits cancer as a wake-up call for her and has so much gratitude for the blessings that have come her way.

BCRC has…“been a God-send to me since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been lucky enough to participate in the recently diagnosed support group, the after cancer group, the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls as well as the Lotus Link. BCRC has allowed me to come to grips with cancer and life after cancer.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I believe I have become a more grateful and better person after going through the cancer experience and want to pay it forward. I had the means to deal with my diagnosis, and yet I will still be paying medical bills for some time. However, there are many that are not so lucky, and I am fundraising on their behalf.”

Evelyn’s Fundraising Page


Gina Marie Giachetti

2yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“This IS my life. This is the life I was given!!! God has the perfect plan for me, and I am so thankful for each and every day!!”

Gina is a 46 years old, married to a retired police officer, and a mother of two school-aged children, Jack and Jillian. She is a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration and has had the opportunity to work all over the world. But once she landed in Austin two years ago, she decided this would be her permanent home. Gina lives in Liberty Hill with her family, horses, dogs, and a potbelly pig!

BCRC has…“given me access to an invaluable support group. To be with other women in your situation means you can be open and honest. This is also where I learned the most—all the things doctors can’t or don’t tell you! BCRC showed up in my hospital room right after surgery with helpful items and told me I wasn’t alone.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“BCRC needs to stay in our community and grow. Breast cancer diagnoses are so common today, and the support BCRC gives to those diagnosed is immense!”


Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Zarate

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Try everything once.”

Lupe has been a medical assistant for 10 years. She is also an aunt, a marathon runner and, now, a cancer survivor. Het cancer was HER2-positive and she had a double mastectomy in 2016. Lupe is now a year out from my last chemo and would like to thank her sister and her two survivor friends, Kelly and Ana, who went through this with her!

BCRC has…““helped simplify situations that were terrifying for me. BCRC helped me though everything.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I know how much BCRC has helped me, and it makes me so proud to know that I can raise money to help others. I had a blast modeling last year, which was my first year. I met so many fantastic, strong women. Back then I had very little hair, so I wanted the chance to do it again now that I have hair!”

Lupe’s Fundraising Page


Holly Kyle

4mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Live your dash. That has been my motto all year long and my sister even had t-shirts made with the phrase on it. It is based on a poem about making the most of your life.”

As a resident of Austin for 18 years, Holly works in sales at KXAN (NBC) and is a single mom to an 8-year-old daughter. She has a wonderful boyfriend, Chris, and a very supportive family. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, and Holly intends on adding her name to that list as well.

BCRC has…“helped me work through all the stages of treatment. I was Stage 0 pre-surgery, but after my double mastectomy, I learned I was actually Stage II. It was a very frightening time, but BCRC helped me through it all. I am not sure I can even imagine the journey without everyone’s help.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“BCRC is something I brag about to other women in other cities (in a good way). The women, the advice, the understanding, the patience, the love and the guidance — all has meant the world to me, at a time when I thought I would be lost and alone. I hope to give back to future women diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Holly’s Fundraising Page


Jane Kendrick

12.5yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“I try to make the best of every situation and I love to be helpful to others.”

Jane was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) in November 2003. She is now 65 years old and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Tommy, for 44 years. Jane says she wouldn’t have made it through all she’s endured without her husband, who has always been sensitive to her needs and positive about her future. Jane also has a married son and wonderful daughter-in-law, Aurora, who has designed a fabulous bra for her to wear because she only has one breast.

BCRC has…“helped me cope with life after treatment. When I finished all of my treatment, I didn’t know what to do. That’s when BCRC came into my life. The first woman I talked with was also an IBC survivor. It meant a lot to see and talk to someone who was a survivor of this particular cancer.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I have been attending Art Bra Austin since it first started. I love seeing the growth and knowing that it means BCRC can continue to help women who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease and help their families cope.”

Jane’s Fundraising Page


Jeanette Bazan

1yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Peace and happiness!”

Jeanette was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at age 40. When she first heard the news, she was shocked, cried for a day with her family, but then told herself, ‘I have cancer, cancer will NOT have me.’ This was her pledge to herself.

BCRC has…“been with me through all of my questions. Once I was diagnosed…I had tons of questions and patient navigator Elaine was very helpful and patient with me. I had a big issue with the prospect of losing my hair, and she walked me through it.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Without BCRC, I wouldn’t have made it through this disease. I had cancer, but it didn’t have me. I want to help provide support, funds and services to other women fighting this disease.”

Jeanette’s Fundraising Page


Jeanne Elliott

3.5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life isn’t a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather an opportunity to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, coffee in another, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming, ‘Hot damn, WHAT A RIDE!’”

New Jersey-born and Texas raised, Jeanne loves the outdoors and enjoys crafting. She has a fantastic husband, Casey; two grown sons, Corey and Jonathan; a beautiful daughter-in-law, Helen; the cutest granddaughter, Barrett; and six wonderful siblings: James, Erin, Jennifer, Bethany, Jon and Tim. Jeanne has modeled in Art Bra Austin on the runway twice before and this will be her last year to model. Jeanne has also done a fabulous job serving as the Art Bra Model Fundraising Committee Chair for the last three years.

BCRC has…“helped me feel more a part of life since being diagnosed. I remember my patient navigator, Dianna, was so calm, and even though I felt as though my world was crashing around me, she was my buoy – my lighthouse in the storm. She helped me cope with my ‘new normal.’”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Supporting breast cancer patients through this crazy experience and helping them find their ‘new normal’ is very important to me. Being diagnosed taught me that nothing in life is a given. I must live my life to the fullest and serve others.”

Jeanne’s Fundraising Page


Jeni Mallow

3yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“I am a strong person, courageous with a spark of laughter. Care for others as you would want others to care for you. No one goes on this journey alone!”

Jeni is newly-engaged to her fiancée, RJ, and is the proud mother of her 13-year-old son. She lives in Buda with her family and two large dogs – the other loves of her life. Jeni keeps herself busy as a massage therapist and the supervisor for a clinic’s Physical Medicine Department. She is grateful for the support that surrounded her during treatment and recovery – from her church’s prayers, her friends and colleagues’ supportive “Pink Wednesdays”, and her fiancée, who was at every appointment and wore pink every day for the first year of her diagnosis.

BCRC has…“been awesome. So many [women] go into breast cancer treatment without funds and resources. It’s extremely scary. Having people in your life who are there to help you get through the unknown of everything coming is priceless!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I first learned of BCRC when I attended my first Art Bra Austin. I now know other survivors who have participated as models, and this just jumped out at me as something really exciting and fun to do!”

Jeni’s Fundraising Page


Jennifer Wallace

1.5yr survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“’My life is beautiful.’ – I just had this tattooed on my arm for my Cancerversary. It’s a statement of gratitude. I think it’s important to live with gratitude – even for the ugly things. Beauty comes through in so many different ways, like the lotus flower.”

BCRC has…“has given me friends! Sisters! I can get quite overwhelmed with work and life and it’s always so refreshing to see my girls!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Art Bra Austin is one of the most powerful, moving, and good feeling events I’ve ever been a part of; it is truly incredible. And I want more!”

Jennifer’s Fundraising Page


Jennifer Wassum

1.5yr survivor, New Art Bra Model
“I try to live each day with kindness, love, patience, laughter, honesty, hope, grit and gratitude. And some days I even succeed!”
Jennifer lives in Northwest Austin with her fantastic husband, Adam, and their two kids, Bennett (14) and Sophie (5), and their dog, Zoe. She works in technology as a Program Manager, and is looking forward to her first time modeling in Art Bra Austin!.

BCRC has…“been an invaluable resource for me during treatment. Later, the After Breast Cancer class was a great way to ease back into ‘normal’ life after I completed my treatment. The organization continues to be a touchstone for me as I move further away from active treatment. It’s a community I highly value.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“After a year of surgery, chemo, radiation and reconstruction, 2017 is my year to kick up my heels!”

Jennifer’s Fundraising Page


Jo Kenney

4yr survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

Jo is an unstoppable force when it comes to breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 2013, but managed to continue working full time, finish writing her dissertation, and even publish several papers that year. After completing treatment, Jo moved to Austin to work as a Technical Content Developer. She’s since used her personal experience, doctoral education, and professional skills to advocate for breast cancer causes. To start, Jo’s completed the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) Project LEAD training, conducted grant reviews for the DoD, and will be working with the NIH on future cancer research. In addition to volunteering for BCRC, Jo also spends her time as a professionally-trained mentor for newly diagnosed women.

BCRC has…“been in my life since I moved to Austin, after my active treatment. Through them I have found friends who understand the fears and frustrations I still face as well as found meaning through volunteer work and advocacy.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“BCRC is really the only organization I regularly ask other people to help support, and it’s because I believe in what it does and the people who work there. Having someone on your side through every stage can make the process just a little easier. No one should ever have to go through breast cancer alone.”

Jo’s Personal Fundraising Page

Judy Grimsley

3.5yr survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Live your life in the best way possible…Try to make a difference in the life of others and always give God the glory for that life and the blessings you have.”

Judy is a native Texan and moved to the Austin area 12 years ago, where she works as a local high school Science teacher. Judy lives with her wonderful husband, and has a daughter in college, a son in high school, and two step-sons. She considers herself a lover of the outdoors, an avid reader, and has the most outstanding support system – full of family, friends, students, and co-workers.

BCRC has…“been so helpful to me. I turn to BCRC any time that I have a question or concern. They helped me find awesome support groups and provide so many opportunities for survivors.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I wanted to model after hearing about the wonderful experience some of the other Pink Ribbon Cowgirls had.”

Judy’s Fundraising Page


Judy Inman

3yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“I want to live my life looking out of the windshield, not the rear view mirror.”

After graduating from the Univ. of Houston, Judy taught school and has had many other job titles. Her favorite title now is “Grandma,” “Memaw,” and “G-Ma.” To Judy, there can be no greater blessing than having precious grandchildren to love. As a wife of 48 years, Judy cherishes every moment I have to spend with my family, friends, and fellow survivors.

BCRC has…“provided me with the comfort of having an informed person guiding me along this journey.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“of the supportive environment from the participants as well as the boost to my self confidence from the people in attendance.”


Julie Cude-Eaton

1yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest!”

Though Julie was born and raised Texan, she spent much of her adult life moving and living all over the country with her family and husband, who serves as a member of the U.S. Air Force. Julie is the proud mother of a 10 year-old girl and 8 year-old boy, and enjoys part-time acting in film, T.V., and commercials.

BCRC has…“given me so many resources to research the best doctors and learn more about treatment side effects. I definitely feel I have a true support system with my Pink Ribbon Cowgirl Sisters and enjoy going to the functions together.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Last year I modeled as a Floor Model and this year I would like to walk the runway to experience the full Art Bra Austin opportunity!”

Julie’s Fundraising Page


Karen Weise

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“If Life Gives You Lemons….Make Lemonade.”

Married to her high school sweetheart, Karen is a born and raised Austin-ite. She and her husband, Wes, have two wonderful adult children, Matt and Robin. Karen is semi-retired from working full-time and currently enjoys her time working part-time at James Avery Jewelry and Canyon Creek Preschool. She is a 2-year survivor of Lobular Carcinoma, and now looks forward to living life enjoying the things she loves the most, such as hanging out with her family, traveling, working out, baking, gardening and just relaxing.

BCRC has…“has given me the important assurance of knowing that there is an organization available to me to help me navigate through so many decisions”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Art Bra Austin made me feel great about myself last year and very hopeful during a time when I was recovering from surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Now I am in the year of reconstruction, and I want to be a part of an event that not only lifts up my spirits, but is also fun and valuable to so many other women like me.”

Karen’s Fundraising Page


Karin Anderson

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Throughout the misery of chemo, surgery and radiation I focused on Dory’s mantra “just keep swimming” from the movie ‘Finding Nemo.’ Her innocent advice kept me moving in the direction of resolution and healing.”

Karin is a retired educator who enjoys staying busy. Her energy is derived from creative interactions with people and environments. She is a flutist, a world traveler, and a proud mom. Her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015 was the catalyst that pushed her to re-evaluate what is important in life. She draws strength from her friends and family and tries to be a better listener. Karin says she’s still a work in progress and needs more time to complete everything on her bucket list.

BCRC has…“ensured that no woman has to navigate the experience of breast cancer in isolation. I am empowered by the determined and focused energy conveyed by individuals within this organization as well as their unspoken pledge of dedication to us, the clients who learn to be survivors.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I modeled in the 2016 show and this personal transformation took the form of confidence and a newfound determination to thrive. By acknowledging the positive synergy of Art Bra Austin I realized I must pay it forward by dedicating my energy towards making a difference for subsequent women who participate.”

Karin’s Fundraising Page


Kathleen Brennan

1yr 8mo survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.”
Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kathleen is a 25 year-old alumnus of Texas Christian University (TCU). She moved back to her hometown after graduating from TCU, and now works as a marketing coordinator and graphic designer for the commercial real estate firm, AQUILA. Kathleen is also currently on the Komen Austin Junior Executive Board and is a co-chair for the survivor experience at the Komen Race for the Cure.

BCRC has…“given me the assurance that I always have someone to call if I have a question and connect me to women who have been in my shoes and just understand.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“It would mean BCRC would have more money to help women who are and will be in my shoes. I loved modeling last year and had such a great time last year that I knew I wanted to do it again!”

Kathleen’s Fundraising Page


Katrina Kucewicz

1.5yr survivor, New Art Bra Model
“I’m a modern day Pollyanna! I see the best in people and situations.”

Katrina describes herself as a 47 year-old wife and mother to four beautiful children. Her family usually keeps her very busy, but says cancer had certainly slowed her down. Now that she is over a year and a half out from her diagnosis, Katrina is ready to get back to her busy self and approach life at full-speed again!

BCRC has…“been a new resource for me and I look forward to getting more involved in survivorship care!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I feel like I’ve finally gotten far enough out from my diagnosis and surgery that I want to model. I also think Art Bra Austin will show everyone how amazing breast cancer survivors are!”

Katrina’s Fundraising Page


Kellie Raymond

6yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Be Present.”

Kellie is a campus administrator, a mom of three, and an avid runner. She was diagnosed at 35 years-old with triple negative breast cancer, and underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. However, there’s not much that slows Kellie down. Throughout her time in treatment, she managed to continue working at her job while training and completing four half-marathons!

BCRC has…“immediately welcomed me into their Pink Ribbon Cowgirls group, where I’ve been able to connect and share with other ladies going through reconstruction.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I love the opportunity to connect and re-connect with my breast cancer sisters. This event is also a fabulous way for me to contribute to spreading awareness for BCRC!”

Kellie’s Fundraising Page


Kimberly Ann Mosier

10mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!!”

Born and raised in Cuero, TX, Kim fell in love with Austin as soon as she moved away to attend University of Texas at Austin. She met her husband at UT and they now live together in the town of Kingsbury with their three wonderful boys, Kelton (8), Kaden (4), and Kole (3). Kim currently works in Yoakum for an office solutions company and keeps busy shuffling her kids back and forth between grandparents in Dallas and her hometown of Cuero. She loves to see her boys bonding with their family members, especially her parents, and says her family is her life.

BCRC has…“been so supportive. It was so nice to know that someone was there…to cheer me on if I ever needed anything. It is also comforting to know there is someone there to help…someone you can talk to who aren’t family or friends. It is a wonderful feeling. I am so blessed to know that they were there.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“It is so important for me to do everything I can to help raise awareness about BCRC. I know this will be an amazing time meeting such strong and beautiful women…friends.”

Kim’s Fundraising Page

Laura Patterson

5yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“To everything there is a season” & “Attitude is Everything”

Laura is a mother of two wonderful sons; ages 11 and 16, and a wife to a great guy. She is an artist: a painter, creative sole, interior decorator and Infant caretaker! Laura grew up in Austin and has had the opportunity to live in many other great cities such as Portland, San Antonio, and even abroad in London. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and credits her brilliant team of doctors, family, and friends, for getting her through a very rough and rocky road. Five years later, Laura is determinded to cherish all things in her life and loves to spend her time gardening, hiking around Lady Bird Lake, traveing, and tasting good food!

BCRC has…“become part of my NEW NORMAL life. They are full of wonderful references and people who genuinely CARE.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I thought the experience would be extraordinary and I believe it’s important to participate.”


Laura Reutter

In treatment, New Art Bra Model
“Just keep moving!”

Laura is the proud mom of two girls (ages 22 and 24). She has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Tech and relocated to Austin from Michigan in 2009. Laura currently lives in Round Rock and is an Account Executive at Ricoh-USA. When she’s not loving her job in sales, you can find Laura riding her motorcycle or swimming laps at the gym. She’s been riding since 1997 and has ridden through 23 states to date!

BCRC has…“had a major impact on me these past 6 months. The physical resources like the cancer caps, surgery pillows, and pocket tops have been a blessing. I love the group and how I feel protected when I’m talking with the ladies. The resources and support have been unbelievable.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I think it’s extremely important to have the BCRC funded so that they can help us ladies. I knew I wanted to be a model as soon as I heard about it. I think this is a great way to show the public that even cancer can’t take away the human spirit. We laugh, smile and have fun in spite of the fear, pain, and crappyness of cancer.”

Laura’s Fundraising Page

Lauren Ward

5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Lauren is a proud mom of three (including twins) and currently serves as a consultant in business development, strategy, and marketing. In 2012, Laura successfully battled Stage 3 breast cancer, started an internationally recognized blog, and was named the first Alumni Ambassador to the Duke Cancer Institute after founding the Blue Devils vs. Cancer alumni organization. Laura also keeps herself busy as a member of BCRC’s Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, the Cookie Mom for her daughter’s Brownie Troop., and as a volunteer with Girlstart, the Dyslexia Center of Austin, and Northwest Austin Youth Basketball Association.

BCRC has…“given me a purpose – a place to fundraise and give back, and a network of friends and supporters. I am constantly amazed at the strength of our bonds. I emailed Runi to get help in understanding my diagnosis. She replied back within the hour. It was amazing to have someone so passionate, caring, and supportive on my team; and knowledgeable!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“It would mean BCRC could continue to give others the same gifts it has given me! I am making a piece this year. I had a great time last year and want to raise as much money as possible for BCRC!”

Lauren’s Fundraising Page


Layshandria Evette Rose-Harvin

8mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Don’t wait and see what the future holds: Cherish yesterday, dream about tomorrow, and fight like crazy to live for today!”

At age 34, Layshandria might still be describing herself as a single mom to a beautiful daughter, Amaya, if it were not for the amazing man she has fallen madly in love with and married. Layshandria has since inherited two more amazing children, and loves them both as if they were her own. They even routinely call themselves the miniature version of: Yours, Mines, & Ours. Layshandria’s newly expanded family brings her so much joy and gives her life.

BCRC has…“introduced me to some amazing Breasties. This is a great support system to be a part of. I can truly be myself around a bunch of people who just get it. I want BCRC to be there for future women going through what I am going through now, so they never have to feel alone.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“of the brave women of BCRC. I’m shy by nature… and after the surgeries I became more of a recluse. But when I went to a BCRC Christmas party last year, I met women full of life and stories. They didn’t let cancer defeat them, and they convinced me that Art Bra Austin was a life altering experience.”

Layshandria’s Fundraising Page


Leigh Zimmerman

6yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“I try to live my life in a way that honors the opportunities I have been given. Being kind, being grateful, and respecting the experiences and challenges that I have had allows me appreciate the beauty in each day. Cancer taught me that tomorrow is not promised.”

Leigh began volunteering for BCRC in 2014 and has spent the last 20 years dedicated to her career in social work. She’s a proud Longhorn alumnus and currently works as a foster care and adoption home developer. When Leigh’s not volunteering or working, you can find her hiking, running, traveling, or spending time with her friends and family.

BCRC has…“provided me with a sisterhood of women who understand where I have been and where I am now. I have met so many amazing people during my time with BCRC and cannot imagine my life without being involved with this organization.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I loved modeling in 2015! I love that Art Bra Austin is not only such an empowering event for everyone that participates (from the staff, volunteers, and models), but it also brings in about a third of the annual revenue for BCRC!”

Leigh’s Fundraising Page


Leslie de Silva

3yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Don’t sweat the small stuff”

Leslie is happily married with two children, ages 11 and 13. She works in Development for two Catholic schools in Austin, Texas. After Leslie’s diagnosis and treatment, she decided to start powerlifting and a passion was born. Leslie is proud to say she’s already competed in three meets, and has won a first place medal in all three!

BCRC has…“not only provided me with a wealth of guidance and support, they connected me with the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, a group made up of amazing, inspiring women who I am blessed to call friends. My navigator, Elaine, was so kind and understanding. Speaking to someone who had been in my shoes helped calm my fears.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“during a cancer diagnosis, every woman deserves to have the same support I did, and the success of Art Bra Austin means that more women will have access to the services BCRC provides”

Leslie’s Fundraising Page

Lisa Dawn McVey

6yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Find yourself, Find your Tribe and try to make the world and the Human Race better than it would be without you!”

Lisa was first diagnosed in the summer of 2011 at the age of 41. After 3 lumpectomies and a bilateral mastectomy, the cancer returned in October of 2013. Two more lumpectomies and radiation followed. Ovaries removed and then the implant contracted and had to be removed. So after another lumpectomy and DIEP flap surgery and a phase two, Lisa is really hoping she’s done! Eleven surgeries in all and she is ready to be in a place where she can spend more time on her life and less on her medical escapades.

BCRC has…“given me Confidence, Love, and Loss. That is the best way I can say it. They provide me with the knowledge I need to be active in my own healthcare decision making as a partner with the doctor, not a follower.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“in the current political climate where healthcare is not a guarantee, having Art Bra Austin be a success means the BCRC will be there to help women gain access to care during a time when they have some very tough decisions to make.”

Lora Burns

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“When life gives you lemons, get back up…..dust off your knees and open a lemonade stand!”

Lora grew up in the Midwest, but has spent most of her adult life relocating due to the military or a job – she’s actually lived in over twenty cities! Laura is also the mother of 2 daughters and 1 stepson. She loves traveling and learning new places, but always keeps her feet grounded in Iowa.

BCRC has…“given me access to so many other women that have gone through or are going through breast cancer is an empowering feeling.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I love this event and being able to do my part to help BCRC. To be part of helping other women have access to BCRC helps with answering why this happened to me.”


Lorraine Saunders

2.5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Every day is a good day; some days are just better.”

This Chicago native is a mother to two children and grandmother to five. She loves working out at the gym and running, and has completed several 5k runs with three of her grandchildren!

BCRC has…“been like family to me. When I was first diagnosed, I was scared and confused. My doctor suggested I contact BCRC, and when I met Dianna Petrick, I finally saw hope for myself and became determined to fight with everything I have.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to help other women and men diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to receive support and education to live a normal life with as much meaning as possible.”

Lorraine’s Fundraising Page


Marina Mednik-Vaksman

1yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Find your best music and keep dancing – savor every bit of it.”

Marina was born in Russia and immigrated first to Israel and then to College Station, Texas. She was busy planning her wedding and her career as a registered dietician nutritionist when she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Just 32 years old, Marina focuses on her treatment and her advocacy for breast cancer education nationwide. She’s a self-prescribed “Superhero Nutritionist locked in an epic struggle with the formidable Cancer villain!” and writes regularly on her blog at

BCRC has…“helped me feel less alone in my cancer experience. I’ve made great friends and feel more connected to and supported by my community.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“it would mean that BCRC can continue to help me and many others affected by breast cancer.”

Marina’s Fundraising Page

Martha Ilger

10yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“I truly have been blessed!”

Born and raised in the Austin area, Martha enjoys participating in projects and organizations that help others. She and her family are active volunteers for BCRC and Scare for a Cure, a nonprofit organization that creates a multimedia haunted house each October to benefit BCRC. Martha is grateful to be celebrating 10 years cancer-free and is looking forward to commemorating the occasion on the Art Bra Austin runway.

BCRC has…“always been there for me, particularly when my life was turned upside down after my breast cancer diagnosis.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“raising money for BCRC means that women and men diagnosed with breast cancer can get the information and services that they need to get through it.”

Martha’s Fundraising Page

Martha Juarez

1yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“I am a true fighter and warrior, and I thank God that He helped me through this!”

Martha is a stay-at-home wife and mother who loves attending monthly support meetings through BCRC. She is thrilled to be given the chance to model at Art Bra Austin this year!

BCRC has…“been such a blessing. Through my navigator and the monthly meetings, I have had the help and support of friends to get through this.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“it’s a chance to raise funds for BCRC to do marvelous things for people diagnosed with breast cancer. I thank God for getting me through this, my kids for giving me energy to keep going, but most of all, I’d like to thank my navigator Elena Gonzales.”


Mary Ann Quiambao

2yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“I love the person I’ve become, because I’ve fought to become her.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mary Ann has lived in Texas for almost 10 years. She’s a neuro-oncology nurse with a daughter who has followed in her footsteps, with both of them even working at the same hospital. Mary Ann loves outdoor activities and enjoys “Soul Cycle.”

BCRC has…“been a huge part of my life since my diagnosis. It’s actually helped make me a better nurse because I impart the education and information I’ve gotten from BCRC to my oncology patients. I can always count on BCRC, especially now as I am a caregiver to my mother who has Stage IV cancer.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“BCRC gives hope, education, and guidance to women in our community who are either newly diagnosed with breast cancer or have been living with it for a while. I thank my mother for reminding me that no matter what life gives you, life is always beautiful!”

Mary Ann’s Fundraising Page


Mary Ellen Rogers

3yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass — it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Mary Ellen is a sales manager who loves to travel, shop, and garden. She has two dogs and has been a foster dog mom for a local rescue group, as well as an active community volunteer. Her favorite volunteer opportunities are with BCRC, Austin City Limits and SXSW music festivals.

BCRC has…“been an amazing support group for me. The support of the staff and other volunteers has been priceless, and now I’ve found my new purpose – helping others who are diagnosed with breast cancer to get through this ordeal.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“BCRC is an amazing group with such kind and helpful people, and they make sure that no one has to go through breast cancer alone!:

Mary Ellen’s Fundraising Page


Mary Leonard

6mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Be nice”

Although not a native Texan, Mary has lived in Austin since 2000. She’s been married just over 2 ½ years, and lives on the east side of Austin with her spouse and senior dog. Mary says that although the last year has been challenging, she’s very grateful for her new BCRC family.

BCRC has…“provided me with family, friends, and support through my diagnosis and treatment. My friends and I understand each other – we laugh together and support each other. Women are amazing, but women who have survived breast cancer are angels!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to help market the event and make it bigger than even music! ABA has a lot of opportunity for growth and success, and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Mary’s Fundraising Page


Megan Klag

1yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

This Indiana native is a CPA who couldn’t be prouder to call Texas her “forever home.” Happily married with three children at home, Megan and her family love to dance, travel, watch movies, and cheer on the Indiana Hoosiers, the Chicago Bears, and the Army Black Knights!

BCRC has…“provided me with a road map through my diagnosis and treatment. My navigator, Elaine, has been a great resource for me to help me locate support groups, find a good wig, and create strategies for treatment and recovery. BCRC has given me priceless support, never allowing me to walk through this chapter of life alone.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want the community to understand the importance of BCRC and what an amazing organization this is for people who are affected by breast cancer. The success of ABA is truly a gift to those of us who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Megan’s Fundraising Page


Rachelle Ritter

Lifer, New Art Bra Model
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”

At age 38, Rachelle says she has countless reasons to fight for her life. She’s the wife of an incredible husband and the mother of a beautiful three year-old. Rachelle is an active part of BCRC’s Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and L4 communities. She’s a counselor by trade, but now spends her time as a full-time cancer warrior.

BCRC has…“helped me feel less alone on this journey. While I’m truly grateful for both the financial and physical resources I’ve received from BCRC, I’m most grateful for the support groups and the ability to meet other women going through the same thing I am.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Art Bra Austin is an opportunity to celebrate the upside of cancer – the support and camaraderie from the BCRC and other women. BCRC’s L4 [Stage IV] group is the most amazing and inspirational group of women I’ve ever met. They are reminders that we are living, thriving, and often defying the odds.”

Rachelle’s Fundraising Page


Rhonda Loeliger

8mo Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Never be afraid to ask. The worst someone can say is ‘no’ — you lose nothing by trying.”

Rhonda is an active wife, mother to two grown daughters, and mom to 3 rescue dogs. She loves cycling and sewing, and became involved with BCRC long before her own breast cancer diagnosis. She was named BCRC’s Volunteer of the Year in 2015 and again in 2016 when she was going through her treatment. Now that is dedication!

BCRC has…“made me even more passionate about volunteering since my own diagnosis. Because I’d volunteered for years before even being diagnosed, I was well aware of what to expect from BCRC.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“as a volunteer for Graphic back in 2008, I saw how the models found strength and courage through the support they received from BCRC and one another. I was so moved by this empowerment that I kept coming back. As a model, I get to tell more and more people about the BCRC, its services, and how it can help them or someone they know.”

Rhonda’s Fundraising Page


Rochelle Elluise Mixon

6mo Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Live life with a gratitude attitude.”

Rochelle and her family live together in Elgin, Texas. She’s been married to her husband, Aaron, for eleven years, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls: twins, Makya and Emma (age 8), and Aislin (age 3).

BCRC has…“introduced me to pink pilates, “a program that I have enjoyed thoroughly. I have met women through that class who have had my same experiences and it’s inspiring to see some of these women in active treatment going to class and working towards maintaining health.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“my body has changed so much in the past year, good and bad, and I’d like for other women to have the confidence to be themselves and love their bodies. If I can help facilitate that through this event, it would be rewarding to know I’m helping women going through breast cancer.”

Rochelle’s Fundraising Page


Roxanne Collins

9yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow!”

Roxanne is the mother of the most amazing 12-year-old boy on the planet. She taught elementary school for the past ten years and is now continuing her education in the field of counseling. Roxanne is a lover of people and the environment. Although she’s lived in Florida, Alabama, and San Antonio, Roxanne was born and raised in Austin, Texas and considers Austin her forever home.

BCRC has…“provided me with an extended family of survivors. The connections keep me conscious and aware of the fact that we have so far to go in regards to awareness. I have become a stronger, more confident woman through the years of involvement with BCRC. I have also learned to lean on and count on others for support and love.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I look on it as an opportunity to give back to the BCRC which has been a vital part of my life since I first walked in to the office in 2008. I look forward to doing my part to fundraise for the organization, and help others benefit from the services and community that the organization has to offer.”

Roxanne’s Fundraising Page


Samantha Cardona

Lifer, New Art Bra Model
““It is what it is. Accept it and move on.”

Samantha is a proud 49 year-old mother to two grown sons, C.J. and Alex, and wife to her husband, Frank, of 24 years. Samantha was originally diagnosed Stage 1 in 2007 and re-diagnosed Stage IV in 2015. She tries to enjoy life, live one day at a time, and not let her anxiety and fear of the future overtake her. For Samantha, it’s a daily struggle, but her lifer sisters and her family are incredibly helpful in keeping her in the present.

BCRC has…“been most helpful since my Stage IV diagnosis. They have let me lean on them emotionally, connected me with resources like house cleaning, paying unexpected medical expenses, and providing the support circles that mean so much to me.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to give back and help BCRC. They have helped me immensely. I also want to support my Stage IV friends and honor the memory of my friends who have passed.”

Samantha’s Fundraising Page


Sarah Geis

2.5yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Life is tough, but I am tougher”

Sarah was first diagnosed at age 23, and determinedly completed graduate school while going through surgeries and chemotherapy. She is now living her dream and teaching 6th grade English and college prep for first generation college students in middle school. After having cancer herself, she became the caregiver for her mother, Adrienne, who passed away with kidney cancer in January 2016. Sarah says her experience taking care of her mother made her more passionate to live life to the fullest and gave her a whole new perspective of what it is like to be a caregiver. Her future aspiration is to become a grief counselor.

BCRC has…“connected me with some of my biggest supporters and some of my best friends. They not only helped me through my cancer, but have helped me through my mom’s cancer and death and are still here for me. I truly believe I got cancer so I could understand what it was like when my mom got sick and would create a support system for myself in the wake of her death.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I want to inspire anyone in the audience that nothing can stop you. I also want people to know that breast cancer happens to young people in their early 20s.”

Sarah’s Fundraising Page


Shelly Guild

2yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Every person and every choice we make matters. There is no one and no action that is insignificant or irrelevant to life’s purpose. God cares about every detail of every life.”

Shelly is the mother of three incredible kids and a manager in the mortgage field service industry. She and her husband put roots down in Texas after having grown up in service families, moving frequently and mostly living abroad. She is grateful to be a breast cancer survivor, to have been able to enjoy the past 2.5 years since her diagnosis, and to know that she will remain grateful for each year to come.

BCRC has…“Helped me when I was first diagnosed by providing access to online resources. I spent time in the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls forum early on in my treatment…and hearing similar stories and what worked for each person to get through tough side effects or fears was so helpful. The BCRC meetings and events that I did attend were such a boost!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I would like to pay it forward to other women experiencing a breast cancer diagnosis, to do what I can to support them in their journey. I was inspired by women who modeled in 2015 when I volunteered at Art Bra Austin near the end of my treatment, and hope I can live up to what this incredible event stands for!”


Shondi Pugh

4yr Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Let your light shine.”

Originally from Oklahoma, Shondi has lived in Austin for 14 years. She’s married to her partner of 8 years and together they have four fur-children. Shondi describes herself as a creative, a hairstylist, a dreamer, a reader and a writer. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, garden and cook. Shondi would like to thank her wife, who has been her constant support and her friends who she calls her family.

BCRC has…“was a constant support for me during treatment. I always recommend the BCRC when newly diagnosed people come to me for advice.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“because I enjoy raising money for organizations that I believe in.”

Shondi’s Fundraising Page


Susan Lubin

8yr Survivor, New Art Bra model
“We are all responsible for our own happiness, and the greatest happiness comes from helping others.”

Susan had the great pleasure of singing with the Austin opera for 17 years, as well as serving as a trustee for 15 of those years. She’s spent the past 35 years in Austin volunteering and fundraising. After her diagnosis and surgery in 2008, Susan saw the need for a comprehensive breast care center. With her dear friend, Marcia Levy, Development Director, Linda Lotz, and an incredible committee, they raised $7.5 million to create the multidisciplinary state of the art Seton Breast Center. She’s proud to say that thanks to our generous community, the Seton Breast Bare Center opened its doors 2014.

On the BCRC: “Since I first heard about BCRC, I have been recommending the organization to friends who needed help navigating through their treatment. When we were thinking about services in the Seton Breast Care Center would provide, we knew that we wanted to collaborate with the BCRC.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I would like to have the opportunity to fundraise for the BCRC. I am going to ask everyone I know to attend and donate! A successful event translates into helping more breast cancer patients.”

Susan’s Fundraising Page


Susan Ribnick

17mo Survivor, Veteran Art Bra Model
“Live a good story.”

Susan is a local mosaic artist and member of the Austin Mosaic Guild. Her preferred medium is glass mosaic, specifically, smalti. By day Susan is a graphic designer. She’s also a long-time member of the Dell Children’s Medical pet therapy program and has two Goldens who helped her thorough her diagnosis and treatment last year. Susan says she learned a lot of good lessons from dealing with a cancer diagnosis – what does not do you in will indeed fortify you.

BCRC has…“allowed me to move out of crisis mode and onto the next stage of life. I remember a one hour session with Diana pretty much right after my treatment. I had no idea how much I needed to articulate my thoughts and feelings to someone who was a bit removed from my inner circle of caregivers.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“Art Bra Austin allows friends near and far to support me in a way that benefitted BCRC. The event itself is a way of turning an obstacle into an opportunity.”

Susan’s Fundraising Page


Tajuanna McElyea

2.5yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“If I don’t grow with every experience than the pain was not worth the fight. Cancer does NOT define me. It is worth the fight. I am ready for the next step in life.”

Tajuanna is the mother of twin girls and 6-year-old boy, and wife to her husband, Gerry, of 11 years. She moved to Texas from Oklahoma in 2014. The timing was right after her treatment. Something inside of her made Tajuanna want to move her family to the Austin area and she says was the best decision she ever made. After a single mastectomy, hysterectomy and everything in between, Tajuanna is grateful to say, “I am still alive!” “Chemo and radiation were hard but the fight was and still is worth it.”

BCRC has…“been very informative, helpful, loving and supportive. My cousin introduced me to BCRC and I have been a Pink Ribbon Cowgirl ever since. I do not feel alone in this fight. When I left my support team in Oklahoma, I did find myself alone. This saved me!”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I have been watching for a few years … and for some reason, I feel it is time to stand up and accept myself the way that I am now. I would love to be an inspiration to my children. I am still trying to recover mentally and physically but I feel great this year. This is my year!”

Tajuanna’s Fundraising Page


Wendy Scarborough

10yr Survivor, New Art Bra Model
“Play a little more, work a little less…Say yes more often to the weekend getaways!”

Wendy is happily married and the mother of two beautiful daughters. She enjoys running and hiking, as well as cardio hip hop dance classes! Wendy’s daughters are away at college and she and her husband try to visit them every spare moment they have. If cancer has taught her anything, it’s that life is precious.

BCRC has…“been the constant that everyone needs during a chaotic time in their life. We were overwhelmed with all the medical information and still in shock, but BCRC, Runi and the Pink Cowgirls helped us pull together all the important pieces as we walked this walk. They were also instrumental in getting us involved with Wonder and Worries, which our family needed after my diagnosis.”

I’m serving as an Art Bra Model this year because…“I have finally completed all surgeries and have healed. I want this to be a wildly successful year and if I can contribute by walking the catwalk so be it! It’s my way of saying thank you.”

Wendy’s Fundraising Page